Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wonder Mountain's Guardian - New Coaster Supports

© Canada's Wonerland
Well, they certainly look like traditional roller coaster supports.  We know that the new 4-D ride at Canada's Wonerland, named Wonder Mountain's Guardian, is at least a hybrid coaster/4-D shooting experience, but could these supports lend more to the theory of additional coaster elements?

Probably not, more likely they're just the structure that will get the individual cars to the top of the mountain, i.e. a lift hill.  Still, the design of the supports are totally coaster-ish to the point of me even wondering if that part of the project was contracted out to a traditional coaster design firm - total speculation on my part.

© Canada's Wonderland
I (sadly) have not been to Canada's Wonderland so I am not familiar enough with the lay of the land to know if all these photos show supports running in a straight line, like one would expect for a lift hill.  From the position of Vortex's red track coming down the mountain (in two photos) it would appear as they are some what far apart... perhaps someone who knows the area of the park better can leave a comment.

Interesting developments, and with tons of work also going on inside the mountain (check out this gallery) this remains one of my most anticipated 2014 attractions.