Sunday, March 23, 2014

Batman Soars - Backwards - at Six Flags Magic Mountain

The treat that thrilled guests at Six Flags Great America last summer has now premiered at Six Flags Magic Mountain - backwards Batman!

The famous inverted coaster will be running its trains backwards for a limited time this season.  Above is a backseat (or should I say frontseat?) video of the train making its way through the course from ThemeparkHD.

“In honor of Batman™ The Ride’s 20th anniversary, we’re offering our guests an entirely different ride experience by going backwards. No matter how many times you have been on Batman™ The Ride’s, nothing compares to the thrill of racing down 10 stories facing the other direction," said Bonnie Rabjohn, Six Flags Magic Mountain park president. "You have no idea what is coming next. This is a tremendous new experience and one guests should take advantage of quickly since it will only be available during the spring."

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
Batman the Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, and has given close to 32 million rides since it first opened in 1994.  The attraction has a slightly shorter train (seven cars instead of eight) during the backwards run, in order to accommodate restrictions in the station design.

Last year when the backwards trains were at Six Flags Great America, Scott & Carol filed a great look at the attraction.  The experience is said to be quite intense, and it's great that other parks - currently Magic Mountain - get to share it!