Saturday, March 15, 2014

Check Out the Latest Coney Island Thunderbolt Preview Video

© Luna Park
Last week was the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Thunderbolt, a new custom designed roller coaster opening in Coney Island this summer.  Park and public officials were on hand to get the project started, which will take up a long, thin plot of land next to the Scream Zone section of the amusement park.

Looking ahead to the future, it seems that Central Amusements International might have even more big plans for Coney Island, as a five acre water park is rumored to be in the planning stages.  The water park would sit adjacent to the new Thunderbolt, though Zamperla seems to feel it might still be a few years off.

But as for that neat new Thunderbolt video, here it is:

This updated rendering shows off the action packed ride, with its multiple inversions and Stengel dive element.  The ride will be the first of its kind made by Zamperla, and many - including myself - are eager to test it out.


Unknown said...

Let's talk about developing a Luna Park School for Engineering and Design in Coney Island.