Saturday, March 15, 2014

Banshee at Kings Island Completes First Run!

© Greg Scheid via Twitter
Lots of excitement today at Kings Island, Banshee has completed its first test run!  Many congratulations to the park on the milestone.  The park's GM and official social media platforms both lit up with images of the first run, like the one above.

© Kings Island via Twitter
It certainly looks like beautiful weather for the park to do their testing!  Banshee - the world's longest inverted roller coaster - will have its first official riders on April 17th, before the park opens for the season the next day.  The winners of the Scream For A Kid Again charity fundraiser will be able to lay claim to the first night rides on Banshee.  For more information on the inaugural rider contest, click here.  Looking forward to some testing video!