Friday, March 21, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - Lightning Run At Kentucky Kingdom

Here is the latest from the new Kentucky Kingdom. A brief visit, but a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of spring by doing a drive by of an amusement part. The weatherperson even provided a bright blue sky.

Here is the new paint job for the front gate. No signs just yet, but the detail work shows how serious the new management takes sprucing up the park. The Giant Wheel has a new paint job also, and now the cars are all the same color.

A completed footer with a mounted support column in the background and a  yet-to-be poured location in the foreground. There are very few of these left to be done.

These are old footers from Greezed Lightnin'. You can see a row of new supports behind them. The worker behind the footer gives you a sense of the scale of Lightning Run.

The view from halfway across the parking lot of Lightning Run. It runs along the "front" of the park through the old kiddie area that also.

They hung this piece of track while we watched yesterday afternoon. The assembly is being done by Adena Corporation, based in Mansfield, Ohio. They have done lots of roller coasters all over the country.

A nice dive under the track should result in some nice floating airtime before climbing back above the ground. Notice how close to the ground level the train travels enhancing the sensation of speed.

This over banked turn looks like great fun and we will be sure to report how it feels on May 24, 2014 or thereabouts. That is Opening Day, and the sounds of activity can be heard all over the park.

What a beautiful first day of spring. Fluffy clouds and a brand new coaster being prepared for a new season. This is the inaugural installation of Chance Rides' new Hyper GT-X roller coaster.

You can see plenty of track available to be assembled. Most of the pieces should be bolted in place by next week, and everything is on site. You can see the dark green previously erected supports waiting for the track to be installed.

The concrete work is supposed to be finished this week, right now they are completing footers on the east side of the station.  Hope you enjoyed this quick update!