Saturday, March 29, 2014

Casino Pier Adds Three New Rides for 2014

After last summer's triumphant return from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey's Casino Pier will again expand in 2014 with the addition of three new rides.

The first, pictured above, is a Musik Express.  The park had one of these before it was destroyed by the storm, so fans will remember the thrilling fun and thumping beats the Musik Express provides.  Just like its predecessor, the new ride will also travel backwards to add another thrill into the mix.

The second new ride will be equally thrilling, an Air Race from Zamperla.  The wild ride places riders in plane-themed cars that zoom, soar, and invert as the entire attraction spins.  The Air Race ride has quickly become one of the latest and greatest in the industry.  For smaller riders, the park will also add a Zamperla Jump Around, featuring buggies that kids can ride in that gently move up and down.

Casino Pier is still planning on rebuilding their upper deck, the part of the park that used to be home to their roller coaster.  Once the rebuild is complete it sounds like coaster thrills will once again return to the park!