Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cedar Point Announces Lighthouse Point Expansion

© Cedar Point
The already popular Lighthouse Point resort at Cedar Point is growing for 2014 - there will be a total of 52 new cabins added, joining the existing 40 cabins, 64 cottages, and 97 RV campsites.  Above is a rendering of the expansion, located in the center of the image, which will replace the old Camper Village RV circle.

The cabins being added "can accommodate up to 10 people and will feature two full bathrooms, four flat panel televisions, a dorm-size refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, outdoor charcoal grill and picnic table."  All of Lighthouse Point will feature free wifi this year and a brand new registration building will facilitate guests checking in with more ease than ever before.

© Cedar Point
Cedar Fair had previously made public their plans to expand the camping resorts at several of their properties with the proceeds of the sale of two water parks.  Cedar Point is obviously now officially the recipient of those upgrades, with Kings Dominion also rumored as well.

Lighthouse Point at Cedar Point first opened in 2001 and was expanded in 2004, meaning this is actually the 3rd time the resort has grown.