Saturday, March 15, 2014

Medusa Steel Coaster Continues to Impress

© Six Flags Mexico
As each new stretch of track is added to Medusa Steel Coaster, the ride looks better and better.  The above shot was released by the park, showing off the coaster's first couple sections that are now in place.  Earlier we saw the crazy inverting first drop, and this pulled-back angle is showing off more of the track that has been installed.

The first turn around appears to have some serious banking going on - but I suppose the trail will still be moving very fast through that section so that makes sense.  The next bit of track has also been placed, which leads to a turn that hugs the first drop and points trains toward the second half of the ride.

I never really felt like I understood the original ride's layout, so I took to the maps and came up with this.  The red dots represent the track you can see installed in the first image.  As you can gather from this layout there's still plenty of work to do before Medusa Steel Coaster is complete.  The rest of the layout will contain two inversions as well, both heartline rolls - the extended blue Xs above.  One (from the original animation which can be hard to follow) will be after an overbanked turn mid-ride and the other will be Medusa's finale, happening just before a turn into the brakes.