Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas Readies for May 24th Opening

After having to delay their grand opening until 2014, Cowabunga Bay Water Park, located in Las Vegas, is steadily moving toward a May 24th premier.  When construction resumed over the winter the progress that was made the year before helped things to move at a fast pace.  When complete Cowabunga Bay will include several unique slide towers, a wave pool and lazy river, and kids' area.

© Cowabunga Bay
The park took some neat aerial photos showing off the work site, one of which can be seen above.  You can see the cement has been poured for the wave pool and lazy river, and the entrance buildings (which contain other amenities as well) are very far along.  The parking lot is currently a prep area for all the water slide pieces, making it appear very brightly colored from above.

© Cowabunga Bay
While plenty can be seen from above, there are a lot of details on the ground that are worth pointing out as well.  This photo is of one of the walls of the lazy river, which contains themed rock work and (when opened) a water fall.  The park will have theming throughout, making the grounds like a '50s and '60s surfers paradise.

The only attraction that will not open with the park that was in the original plans is a gigantic (really, I mean huge) water play structure - but with so many slides towers and attractions opening this year I doubt anyone will mind.  From the original drawings it looks like it will be worth the wait, anyway!

Make sure to stop by and check out what the park has to offer via the official website - we look forward to seeing more as the Polin-designed slides rise!