Sunday, March 9, 2014

New England SkyScreamer Closes In On 200 Feet - And Growing!

© Six Flags New England
Crews were had at work this past week lifting sections of the New England SkyScreamer into place, making the tower grow quickly in its new home at Six Flags New England.  The massive swing ride, promised to be the world's tallest when complete, was at 160 feet in the photo above.  Impressive looking already, and that's not even half the tower's full height!

© Six Flags New England
By the end of the week one more piece had been added, probably ending things right around the 200 foot mark - just a guess on my part though.  Either way it's getting taller and taller and already dominating the landscape at Six Flags New England.

The ride appears to bear the same paint scheme as the Texas SkyScreamer, opened last year at Six Flags Over Texas.  The red, white, and blues of the tower make it a patriotic treat for the surrounding area, since the towers are visible from miles away!  For reference, check out a shot of the completed Texas tower here