Sunday, March 9, 2014

From The Vault: Hersheypark 1998 Brochure

A new ride blasted into Hersheypark in 1998 as if from the heavens above, and had fans of the park lining up for hours to take a ride.  Let's take a look at the park's 1998 brochure and see what the fuss was about.

Well the brochure's cover certainly gives us some hints, but let's ignore the obvious and head to the next page...

Great Bear - that's what the fuss was about!  The B&M Inverted coaster was the first steel ride of its kind in Pennsylvania, and the park took full advantage of advertising it as such.  Have to love the space themed concept art seen here as well, there's something to be said for hand drawn concept art versus current digital versions.

I love being Hersheypark Happy!  There's a lot of text here to check out, and the park is covered in great detail within it.  The park was also still singing the praises of the latest development, the whole new themed section named Midway America.  1998 was pre-Lightning Racer, that would come two years later, so the section was still very much under development and had no water park next door!

Living so close to the park I can say I've never really experienced the resort side of Hershey.  But there's a ton offered for those looking for a getaway!  The Hotel Hershey offers wonderful amenities such as restaurants and a spa, and downtown Hershey is just next door to the park.  Plus the park is known for their Christmas Candylane celebration, which means that even when it's cold you can still have fun in Hershey.  Hmmm, I think I've convinced myself, I need a getaway!