Monday, March 24, 2014

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Opens for 2014 Season

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has officially started their 2014 season by hosting the park's annual season pass holders' weekend.  While 2014 is an 'off' year as far as large additions go, there are still plenty of changes that took place during the winter.  Not all of them are glamorous, like a bridge replacement, but others (like a total refurbishment of the Land of the Dragons) will be exciting and obvious to visitors.

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
The change for 2014 that's marketable for the park is the new London Rocks show, taking place in the Globe Theatre.  While it doesn't open until May, when it does it will feature a look at the roots of rock-n-roll during a 25 minute song and multi-media spectacular.  The theater is located in Banbury Cross, one of the areas themed to England, and it was originally rumored that the area would receive a swinging '60s theme to go with the new show.  Thankfully it appears as that bullet was dodged, but some changes are still being made.

To see all that's new and different at the park, check out this very thorough photo update from BGWFans.