Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parque Warner Madrid Building New Water Park for 2014

Apparently this was announced some time ago, but I admit that I totally missed the news.  Parque Warner Madrid, located in Spain, is building Parque Warner Beach, which is a new water park located adjacent to the main theme park.  It looks like guests will access the water park from inside the theme park, though I'm not quite sure if the area will be included in a single admission ticket or be pay-extra.  The only curious thing about the park's layout - seen above - is that there is no traditional water slide complex to be found on the grounds.

The park will have an extensive lazy river, adult and kid sized wave pools, a large water play structure and a toddler play area as well.  The entire park will be themed to several sets of characters, including the Looney Tunes, Flintstones, and Scooby Doo and his gang.  As one might also expect there will be a VIP cabana area, retail and food outlets, and expansive lounging space.

Parque Warner Beach's construction is pretty far along, with most of the important pools and channels already poured.  Some buildings are starting to go up as well, after which I would expect to see a heavy dose of landscaping take place.

As I said earlier there are no large slide towers going up as part of the initial development.  There are some smaller ones that are a part of the water play area, seen above.  There's even a small funnel element on one of them!  I have to wonder if a big slide tower was put off for budget reasons, and will be added in a later year in a big expansion.

Parque Warner Madrid has done an extensive job covering the addition on their official blog, adding a huge amount of concepts and construction photos.  Be sure to drop by and check that out at this link.

All photos © Parque Warner Madrid