Monday, March 3, 2014

NewsPlusNotes February 2014 Poll Results

Currently home to the most roller coasters at any one park on planet Earth, Six Flags Magic Mountain has a lot of track to choose from.  Last month I asked you guys which of the park's thrillers was your favorite, and by a clear margin that was X2.

The coaster received almost 40% of the total votes to land in first place.  X2, designed by Arrow Dynamics (now S&S Worldwide) features seats that rotate independently of the ride's forces, creating the '4th' dimension sensation.  There have only been two additional rides of this type built to date, both in Asia - adding to X2's unique appeal.

Here are the full results of the poll.  The 2nd place finisher was Tatsu, the huge B&M flying coaster that sits atop the park's mountain.  Goliath, a hyper coaster designed by Giovanola, took the 3rd spot, and the park's latest major coaster, Full Throttle, finished in fourth.

This month's poll is now live, I went with another very specific criteria query - what's your favorite 1980s, adult and still operating Cedar Fair coaster?  Vote over on the left!