Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Plenty Going On for Kings Dominion's 2014 Season

© Kings Dominion
With some big plans already announced for Kings Dominion's 40th Anniversary season, the park has been sharing some additional news and updates in recent weeks.  First is the park's Spring Bloom celebration, taking place throughout April and half of May.  It sounds like it will consist of festive decorations along International Street (above is one prop being fabricated) along with live entertainment.

The reason I find it interesting is because Matt Ouimet has said in prior conference calls that they were looking into creating events for the Spring that could be grown into a driver like Haunt does for the fall - so I would think this is probably their plans for that.  I will be interested to see if this festival spreads in coming years - Knott's Berry Farm already has an event like this as well.

© Kings Dominion
Part of the 40th Anniversary celebration is the return of the Candy Apple Grove themed area, and above we see one of twenty giant candy apples being created for the area.  That's one enormous candy apple, especially when compared to the man standing next to it!  The huge props will be placed along the midways of the area, just as they were when Candy Apple Grove first existed.

© Kings Dominion
Another anticipated addition for the Anniversary celebration is the return of the Singing Mushrooms.  They're being fabricated by Garner Holt, and above is a shot of that process underway.  Granted they look slightly creepy at this point, but when complete they will be an adorable throwback to the park's history.

Kings Dominion has also uploaded their 2014 park map, which has seen some big changes for 2014.  The map is based more accurately on the layout of the park, with more attention paid to getting the midway layouts correct and then adding rides and attractions along them.  There's rumors that all Cedar Fair parks will have similar maps for this year, but for now that remains to be seen.  You can download the large version from the park's website at this link.

Changes and upgrades to the park's Camp Wilderness Resort have also been made official, including the rumored addition of Cabins.  The cabins sound similar to the new ones going into Cedar Point, full of amenities and sleeping up to ten guests.  The resort will also have an improved pool area, renovated camp store, and wifi throughout the property.

Lots going on this year at Kings Dominion!