Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Coaster Going Up at Miracle Strip @ Pier Park

© Miracle Strip @ Pier Park
RipTide, a new roller coaster at Miracle Strip @ Pier Park, has started to rise toward the sky.  The classic Galaxi style coaster bears a striking red and yellow paint job, helping it stand out among the many rides at the new park.

© Miracle Strip @ Pier  Park
RipTide has operated in both California and Iowa, according to its entry on the Roller Coaster Database.  It stands around 45 feet tall and will use individual cars that encounter the many dips and turns of the layout.  The original Miracle Strip Amusement Park had a roller coaster very similar to this one, as many of these Galaxi style rides were fabricated over the years.

© Miracle Strip @ Pier  Park
While work on Miracle Strip @ Pier Park continues to race toward an April opening, the park has released an early look at the property map.  If you click on the larger image you can get a good idea of what will be offered at opening, and they even have the location of the Starliner wooden coaster listed!


2012 Gala and Fundraising Extravaganza said...

Did this ever come to fruition -- we began visiting PCB in August 2015 and have been back many times in 2 years, but have NEVER seen anything other than the dinky rides at Pier Park (which are worse and worse each year). Wondering why Miracle Strip bit the dust!