Monday, December 23, 2013

Kings Dominion's 12 Days of 2014 Treats

Kings Dominion is continuing to release details of their 40th anniversary celebration via a fun 12 Days of Christmas countdown over on their Facebook account.  They've released 11 improvements or changes thus far, some of which are pretty cool.

• First, the park's floral clock (the original is seen above) will be rebuilt near the park's Carousel, and will look just like the original.

• A new retail event, the 40th Celebration Collector Pin Trading Program, will take place.  Special commemorative pins will be released throughout the year for purchasing and trading.

• Gold and Platinum season pass holders will receive free visits to Dinosaurs Alive! all season long.

• Ruby, a specially painted Carousel horse will be added to the park's main Carousel in celebration of the anniversary.

• Located along the park's main entryway, the Border Cafe will be renovated and feature Mexican fare.

• The Clown Band, a traveling group of musical clown performers, will return to the park.  Famous in the 1980s, visitors to the park will surely remember the act and welcome their return.

• The Walk of Memories, featuring decorative signs like the example above, will be set up around the Eiffel Tower.  Featuring facts and photos from the park from the 1970's through the 2000s, visitors will get to revisit the history of the park.

• Featuring retro themed merchandise, the Starlight Gift Shop will be a hub of fun souvenirs themed to the history of Kings Dominion.

• Tower Pizza no more, the building at the end of International Street will return to the Coca-Cola Pizza Parlor.  Featuring an expanded indoor eating area, the restaurant will be a throwback to 1976.

• Changes to Volcano: The Blast Coaster's queue and exits will be redone, improving the popular coaster's capacity.  The park will also start to rebuild and renovate the ride's iconic mountain.

• New paint will go onto Anaconda, Kings Dominion's classic Arrow multi-looper.  The colors will be similar to the current ones, with green supports, red track and yellow running rails.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, the final surprise will be revealed - be sure to check out the park's Facebook to find out what it is!