Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Park Quick Hit Construction Updates

Lots of little updates from parks via their social media feeds... not quite worthy of a single post each but certainly worthy of pointing out!

© Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America has continued to build Goliath, the world record smashing wooden roller coaster.  Above is a shot of the ride showing off one of the large airtime hills being constructed that the park shared before the recent snow hit.  Can't wait to see more of this huge ride go up!

© Six Flags New England
This is the enormous base of the New England SkyScreamer - which will be the tallest of its kind when it opens next year.  The base seen here will be encased in concrete, take notice of the man standing in the middle to get a good idea of the size!

© Busch Gardens Tampa
We've actually seen recent updates showing that Falcon's Fury is further along than when this photo was taken, but I love the aerial perspective so I wanted to include it.  It gives a nice idea of just where the freefall tower will stand at Busch Gardens Tampa - you can see a bit of the Scorpion coaster in the top of the photo.

© Six Flags Mexico
This image looks very similar to one we shared last week, but if you look close you can see that the steel track is now in place for the top of the lift hill and post-lift turnaround on Medusa Steel Coaster at Six Flags Mexico.  I really can't wait to see updated photos of the first inversion and drop... I'm sure they will turn up soon.

© Six Flags Over Georgia
Last but not least, this giant field of dirt and mud will eventually be a brand new water park - Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia to be specific.  The former home of a large amphitheater, there's no trace of that any longer.  Water parks require a lot of cement, so once that process starts we'll be able to get a better feel for the addition.