Sunday, December 29, 2013

From The Vault: Frontier City 1998 Brochure

From being the small park who's owner eventually grew into one of the largest theme park chains in the world, to eventually being sold to CNL Properties and managed once more by the same folks, Frontier City has really come full circle in the last twenty years.

This brochure is from 1998, when Premier Parks purchased Six Flags - meaning there was a lot of hope that the park may one day become Six Flags Frontier City... but that was never meant to be.

The Tomahawk, an inverting flat ride, was new for the park's 1998 season.  The attraction lasted at Frontier City until 2007 when it was replaced the next year by a new family roller coaster.  It had a pretty cool logo, and it was nice to see the park adding new rides during this era.

Frontier City isn't a large theme park, and its roots are firmly planted in its Western theming.  This brochure caries along that theme as well - you'll notice plenty of Western slang and references throughout.  The park offered several coasters at the time, including an Arrow shuttle loop that's still there today, DiamondBack and Nightmare, an indoor coaster.  The classic Wildcat (wooden ride) and Silver Bullet (Schwarzkopf looper) are also still giving thrills today.

As seen by the special logo, the park was also celebrating their 40th anniversary in 1998.  Tomahawk wasn't the only new ride that year, this brochure also lists a Round-Up as an "upside-down scream machine!"

I've written enough of these posts to expect for at least one panel of any brochure to feature kids' attractions, and here that is.  Worth noting though is that they show that the kids area was "newly expanded" - that's one thing Premier Parks did often, totally renovating the children's areas of purchased parks.

Finally, and also like most other brochures we've seen, there's information on live entertainment at the park (Gunfight Stunt Show - cool!) and plenty of special events and concerts as well.