Monday, December 30, 2013

Knott's Windseeker Garden Stump

© Knott's Network
Well, you have to give credit to the landscaping team at Knott's Berry Farm!  The park recently finished up removal of Windseeker so that it could be transported to Worlds of Fun and become SteelHawk... but that left a big open area with an awkward spot where the base of the ride was.

No need to let that eyesore sit uncovered - the park took to decorating the area and made a pretty little planter out of the ride's stump!  Seen above, the little garden area even got decked out for the holidays with plenty of Poinsettias. 

Knott's now has a ride pad that's perfect for redevelopment, perhaps we will see something take Windseeker's place in the coming years.  The park has kept the queue for the ride, so even that is a step ahead. 

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