Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aerial Antics: Family Kingdom

I'm still dreaming of a warm getaway, so here's an aerial look at a great beach spot!

Ahh, to be at a beach right now as nice looking as the one above, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  That amusement and water park you see weaved among the hotels and other attractions is Family Kingdom, which has been in operation since 1966.  It goes without saying that the park has a fantastic location!

The big attraction at Family Kingdom is the Swamp Fox, a classic wooden roller coaster that dates back to the park's opening.  It was badly damaged during Hurricane Hugo (1989) and had to stay closed for a season or two, but was repaired and has been operating since.  The coaster featured a 'traditional' layout, a large figure eight.

Family Kingdom has a nice selection of other rides and attractions, including this log flume that's located over by the park's go-karts.  I must say... it looks like it might benefit from a little landscaping!

Immediately adjacent to the ocean is the small water park that is a part of Family Kingdom, named Splashes.  You can see that it has a number of slides, and also a small area that looks like it is meant for little kids.

Family Kingdom has a dark ride, named The Great Pistolero Roundup, seen above.  Sally created the ride, in which riders are equipped with guns and score points throughout the ride.  Seems like a pretty unique attraction, and most of it in located in a former restaurant!

Family Kingdom is currently advertising four new rides, including a Twist 'n Shout coaster (from Magic Springs) and a couple kiddie rides they just picked up from the former Hard Rock Park.