Friday, December 20, 2013

Liseberg's Helix Aerial Progress Update

Looks like Liseberg, located in Sweden, got out the helicam to take some great footage of Helix being constructed.  The giant (to the tune of 4,530 feet of track) new roller coaster is slowly starting to dominate the large hill that part of the classic amusement park is built on.

When complete Helix will utilize two separate LMS launches to keep the trains moving around the course.  The video shows one of those launches already in place, and is followed immediately by a large corkscrew element.  The track uses the hillside to its advantage with many large inversions towering over the bottom of the area.  As impressive as the shots in the video are, this Mack designed ride is sure to be even more so when complete. 

Also worth noting is the number of interactions with other rides that Helix will have, though you can see some of those already in the movie.  Fans can also keep up to date with the ride's progress via Liseberg's official website, especially the Blog section.