Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Checking Out Tivoli's Merry Corner + Aquila

© Tivoli Gardens
I realize that after Denmark's Tivoli Gardens announced their "Merry Corner" expansion for this past season I never heard a peep about it.  The park sent out some really great looking concept art for the new park area, and detailed the three new rides that would be in it.  The rides were a kiddie plane flat, a mid-sized family freefall, and a Zamperla Air Race.

The Air Race, named Aquila, is located up on a platform above the new section, and got some really nice theming.  The whole area looks really good, actually - just like the concept art. (you can see some general shots of the area and its rides here)

© Tivoli Gardens
Naturally the most popular of the additions is Aquila, which is just as much fun to watch as it is the ride.  Actually I wouldn't know as when I encountered one of these in Coney Island I had to pass - my stomach says no thanks to contraptions like this!

Either way, this video from the park has some rider reactions but also good ride footage in between:

It is pretty amazing how the dressed up ride looks so much more elaborate than ones without a theme - but the thrills are still there nonetheless!

Personally, I'm just waiting for one of the big chain parks in North America to start installing these all over.  To me they're just wild and different enough that parks could really market them as a unique addition.