Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Resort World Malaysia Creating 20th Century Fox World Theme Park

Some time ago it was announced that the outdoor theme park area of Resort World Malaysia, known around town as one of the least desirable parks to visit, would undergo a massive transformation.  Once a partnership with 20th Century Fox was announced, hope sprung that the new development might be top quality.

Now the partners have released more information, including the park's full name:  20th Century Fox World.  Not very creative, but from what has been revealed it looks pretty interesting.  Plus, unlike many new parks that are announced I'd say the odds of this one actually opening are extremely good - the Genting Group has many resorts and casinos around the world, and hence plenty of cash.  They also developed Resort World Sentosa in Singapore, which includes a Universal Studios theme park.

The outdoor theme park will cover some 25 acres, but it appears as though quite a bit will be packed into that small area.  Plans call for $300 million to be spent on new rides and attractions, including "media based rides, thrill rides, dark rides, to children’s rides and water rides."  The layout above shows the entrance in the lower left - after that you can see the park's curved layout sprawl out.  For a much larger version with great detail, click over to this Pinterest post.

Having the brands owned by 20th Century Fox behind the park will help bring a lot of popular movies to life.  According to the official release, "rides and attractions based on Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster titles like ICE AGE, RIO, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, PLANET OF THE APES and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM" will be included, with other properties to be announced later.

Above is concept art for a family roller coaster themed to Ice Age - while probably a Wild Mouse in reality it still looks like it could be neat.  I'll be interested to see how Alien Vs. Predator works in a theme park!  Night at the Museum sounds like a great dark ride premise if you ask me.

The current plans call for 20th Century Fox World to open to guests sometime in 2016.