Sunday, December 22, 2013

From The Vault: Clementon Amusement Park 1999 Brochure

This week's Vault will take a look at an undated brochure from Clementon Amusement Park and Splash World.  It was sent to me in 1999 so we're going to say it was from around then!

The park is located in Southern New Jersey, not too far from Philadelphia.  There's a lot of people in that area, obviously, so the park has a great local market to tap into.  While the brochure was probably used for several years, it points out quite a few new rides and attractions - much like the Chaos flat ride featured on the front cover.

The park is split into part amusement and part water park, the latter is known as Splash World.  It has been heavily expanded over the past five or so years, but when this brochure was created it still had a decent selection of slides and attractions.

While on a smaller scale that a lot of giant water parks, Splash World offered the slides you can see above, several play areas, and a lazy river as well.  There were slides for both adult and kids, meaning the whole family could have fun!  The park did not have a wave pool until just a couple years ago when one was added.

Dating back to the early 1900s, Clementon Amusement Park has a long history of entertaining the masses.  This panel shows off the hardware the park had, much of which is still offered today.  The park's log flume travels out and over the adjacent Clementon Lake and is quite impressive in appearance.  In 1999 guests could still queue up for the Jack Rabbit, a classic coaster that first opened in 1919.  Unfortunately the ride has since been torn down, but the park now offers a much larger wooden coaster, Hell Cat.

Here the park is showing off those new rides I mentioned at the start of this post - including a new "Classic" Carousel, C.P. Huntington Train ride, Giant Ferris Wheel and Yo-Yo.  The park shifted around several rides to make room for the recent wave pool addition, but still offer a nice selection of flat rides - many of which are listed above.

Live entertainment was also a big part of the offerings at the time.  The "Big Cat Encounter" seems pretty intense!  Just looking at the photos makes me wonder if that is something we'd see at any park today - I'm not sure I want to see that trainer put her head in a tiger's mouth as the description says!  The park's kiddieland was put under a pavilion so that kids could ride and play without the sun beating down on them, a smart move for sure.

Clementon Amusement Park is now owned by Premier Attractions Management, which took over for the 2012 season.  Hopefully the recent management change means good things for the park, though no new attractions were added in 2013 and nothing had been announced yet for next year.