Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Route 76 Update from Valleyfair: From Dirt to Fun!

Valleyfair may look like they're just playing in the dirt, but it's all for a good reason!  The park is hard at work on Route 76, a new themed area that will contain rides and attractions that are both new and relocated from inside the park.

Announced this past September, Route 76 will be taking a very under utilized section of the park and making it a new hive of activity.

With work progressing, the park has started to share some views of the changes thus far.  Above is the former queue area for the launch coaster Steel Venom, which the park reports will be the home of the relocated Tilt-a-Whirl.  Should break up that expanse of concrete quite nicely!  This also (obviously) means that the coaster's queue will have to be redone as well.

The center of Route 76 will have the Antique Autos car ride meandering around, with the new "family coaster" Northern Lights bisecting it.  The park has been busy pouring the footers needed for Northern Lights, shown above.  This view also gives a nice looks at the whole area - from the concept art it appears as though the park's Scrambler will be moved to the background, near Steel Venom's station and twisted spike.

For those who want to really keep up to date with the Route 76 progress, Valleyfair has you covered with a brand new webcam.  The view, a shot of which is above, more clearly shows the footers for Northern Lights from above.  Looks like the majority of them are complete, and awaiting steel!

While footers and dirt aren't really super exciting I'm really looking forward to how this section turns out - I'm certainly not making it a secret that I'm all about Cedar Fair's new placemaking work!