Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NPN November 2013 Poll Results

November 2013's NPN Poll was a throwback to fifteen season ago - 1998 that is - and asked you guys what was your favorite new ride of that season?  Two coasters received the majority of the votes, but one moved ahead halfway through the month and never looked back:  Great Bear at Hersheypark.

The B&M Inverted coaster received just over 29% of the total votes to land in first place.  With a very unique layout that covers two sections of the theme park, and heads over numerous other rides, Great Bear is a crowd-pleaser, no doubt.

The ride that was giving Great Bear a run for a while was Volcano at Kings Dominion, and that ride finished in second place with over 21% of the vote.  Volcano is an Intamin inverted launch ride that blasts the trains straight up and out the top of the park's famous volcano, after which there are three heartline rolls and a large drop before the station.
Here are the full results of the poll, you may have to click for the larger image to see them better.  Third place, with 8% of the total, was Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure, a giant out and back wooden coaster.  Fourth place, with 7%, was the now defunct Chiller at Six Flags Great Adventure.

This time of year has me dreaming of warm weather and blue skies, you know, like those in Orlando!  This month's I'm wondering if the scales have been finally tipped in Orlando and asking you guys which resort is your favorite/the leader of the pack.  The poll is now live over on the left!