Sunday, December 15, 2013

From The Vault: Kings Dominion 1988 Brochure

Let's travel back in time to the end of the '80s, specifically 1988 at Kings Dominion.  A new roller coaster debuted that year, so there was a really good reason to pay a visit to the park.

But before we get to that, here's some very 1980s looking folks with balloons!  That's a really interesting choice for a cover photos, not a ride, not an attraction... but balloons.  On the back cover we have the all-important dates and times - but no ticket prices!

The new coaster for 1988 was the Avalanche Bobsled, the "only ride of its kind in the country" - when it opened at least.  The "twisting and turning" slopes of the ride made it a unique offering, especially the seating arrangement.  Avalanche certainly wasn't the biggest coaster opening in the country, but the park went for a different style of ride and that got them a lot of attention.

Naturally the rest of Kings Dominion had plenty to offer.  You can read some of the text, but note that you could see Gorge Jetson and his dog, Astro at the park - plus the Hanna-Barbera characters were available too.  I see a Smurf!

See, you simply cannot have more fun anywhere else!  Rides like the Berserker and the stand up coaster Shockwave would help in that goal, plus there were live shows, dolphins, and more!