Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Great Snowy Evening Read

© The Goddard Group
I know it isn't snowing everywhere, but it is in the Northeast and that means it's a great night to hunker down and read some fun stuff about parks.  I came across this article recently and that means today is a perfect day to share it!

Jurassic Park the Ride is a favorite of many, mostly because it brought to life a book/movie that so many were enamored with, myself included.  First opening in Hollywood and eventually Florida, the ride also exists in Japan as well as a modified version in Singapore - all at Universal Parks.

The great website Inside Universal recently published a two part series looking at the development of the ride with Gary Goddard of the Goddard Group.  He played an integral role in developing the attraction, and the story gives some great insights into that process, neat tidbits about the ride, and original concept art for the ride showing how things could have been.

The story also touches on other Universal attractions he helped developed, all very interesting stuff.  Check out part one at this link.