Sunday, December 1, 2013

From The Vault: Geauga Lake 2005 Fall Brochure

Once Cedar Fair took over the park it did add or expand existing fall special events to the lineup, including Oktoberfest and The Haunt.  This little brochure was made specifically to advertise those two events, which were held at the end of the park's 2005 season.

The fun doesn't stop just because it was fall!  That was the message the park was trying to get out.  Plus, admission was just $24.95, which really was a steal all things considered.  Oktoberfest was actually celebrating its 25th year in 2005.  The festive celebration included favorites such as authentic German food, music, dancing, glass blowing, grape stomping and even wine tastings.

Once Oktoberfest was over The Haunt kicked in.  Aside from some creative decorations, the event included several haunted houses such as Phobia, Big Top Terror and the Fright Zone.  There were also regular rides that took on a scary twist, such as the Haunted Ferry Boats and the Scary Oldies.  Kids (and big kids) would love to visit the Candy corral, or take in a showing of the Magic Show.

On another note - was that giant monster in the photo moved to Cedar Point when Geauga Lake closed, anyone know?  Just curious!