Friday, July 26, 2013

Zamperla Opens New Volare Coaster at Flamingo Land

© Flamingo Land
The latest of Zamperla's Volare "hang gliding coasters" has opened at the United Kingdom's Flamingo Land theme park and zoo.  The compact layout ride is called Hero at the park, and is themed as if riders are defending the Earth from an intergalactic attack.  But mostly I think riders just get to have the sensation of flying in the individual four seater cars!

Flamingo Land had a big grand opening for the new roller coaster, which included a slew of local heroes to help with the celebration.

© Flamingo Land
The above article quotes the investment of Hero at 9 million pounds, which converts into over $12 million.  Flamingo Land has a couple of other new additions this year, so I can't help but wonder if that price tag includes more than the coaster.  That seems pretty high for a Zamperla Volare!

Hero starts with a spiral lift hill to save space, and features a twisted layout with just under 1,300 feet of track.  The individual cars treat the flying passengers to two heartline rolls at speeds approaching 30 miles per hour.

The coaster is the 8th Volare to open in the world, following three in North America (one relocated), three in Asia, and one in Europe. 


Unknown said...

In Europe there are Two Volare coasters, this one in FLamingoland and one in Wiener Prater (austria) that has a Custom layout.