Saturday, July 27, 2013

Casino Pier Opens Rides on New Boardwalk

It was a long road back, but the Jersey Shore's Casino Pier has officially reopened its collection of rides for the first time since Hurricane Sandy destroyed the amusement pier last Fall.

Just a couple weeks ago the park was still working hard to get rides open, watching as the busy Summer season slipped by.  No longer do visitors have to wait to go for a spin, though the collection of rides isn't anywhere near as big as pre-Sandy.  That's pretty understandable though since the majority of the pier had to be torn down and rebuilt!

© Casino Pier
In celebration of the grand reopening of the park last night they offered free rides, and starting today they moved back to the normal ticket system.  So far the list of rides include a Disk'O, Car Combo, Motorcycles, Boats, Dizzy Dragon, Speedway, Car Combo and Pirate's Hideaway.  The Wave Swinger and Tilt-a-Whirl are almost ready to go, and could open this weekend if things go well.

The park's new ride, called Superstorm, is not online just yet, but that could still take place this Summer as well.  The photo above is of the newly build boardwalk where the rides are, which is the first level.  By next year the park hopes to have the other level built and filled with attractions - so you could almost look at the rest of this year as a preview.

Congratulations to the park on their reopening!