Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Expansion On The Way to Six Flags America?

© Six Flags America
NBC Washington ran a story recently about how changes have been made by the local governing body around Six Flags America that could spell expansion for the theme park's future.  Manly, the park has received permission to now build coasters and rides that are taller than 200 feet, which was the previous maximum height.

The story has some brief interviews with a Six Flags America park representative, where she says that "in the next few years we're going to work towards having bigger, better, badder, more exciting rides."  This is definitely encouraging news for the park!

The local commission also is allowing the park to have more fireworks and later closing times - allowing for more concerts and nighttime entertainment.  The park had typically closed earlier than most similar theme parks, even on crowded summer nights.

The changes could benefit the area around the park as well, considering it is the largest employer of teens in the state.  Plus more expansion means more visitors who spend money on the surrounding area.

As for this year's new addition, the Bonzai Pipelines, the park has been slowly finishing up the attraction.  You can see some recent photos from SFAFans, and hopefully the park wraps things up soon and gets the new slides open!