Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summertime at Lake Winnie's Soak Ya

© Lake Winnie
I was browsing through some photos that Lake Winnie has shared of their Summer season, and was really impressed at how nice their new Soak Ya water park turned out.  The entire five acre area was added this season, a major undertaking for the "South's Favorite Family Amusement Park."

© Lake Winnie
The Soak Ya water park features a variety of different attractions, including two sets of water slides (both tube and body slides) and the lazy river that you can see above.  The park put extra care into the appearance of the area, including creating rockwork surrounding the pools and channels - a nice touch.

© Lake Winnie
The lazy river empties at one point into a zero depth entry area, where guests can also relax in the water.  There's an activity pool located nearby that will help use up the energy of excited kids, and for even smaller visitors there are kid-sized slides and play structures to keep them busy.

The best part is that Lake Winnie has plenty of room if they choose the expand Soak Ya!