Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knott's Announces 2013 Haunt News to Park Fans

Knott's Berry Farm had a rather cool Haunt 2013 preview event last night, allowing season pass holders to flock to the park's Charles M. Schultz Theatre for a presentation on what's new and changing for this year's event.

The public announcement of the Haunt's lineup is something new for the park, and fits well with their new goal to become the 'locals' park.  The event was great for fans of the park and its Halloween Haunt - often regarded as the best in the business - to feel even more included.  And it goes without saying that it starts excitement (and ticket sales?) earlier than ever before!

As for the actual news, well the park had plenty to show off.  There will be six new mazes this Fall, quite a line up.  Last year's pay-extra, reservation required maze is back as Trapped: The New Experiment and promises to be longer with tougher puzzles to solve and more frights than last year.

Mirror Mirror will be, you guessed it, a haunted mirror maze that sounds incredibly disorienting, Forevermore will be themed to the horrors of Edgar Allen Poe's work, and Dominion of the Damned is a reworked gothic-themed Dominion of the Dead.  Rounding out the new attractions are The Gunslinger's Grave, a western themed horror maze, and Black Magic, set in an abandoned theatre where Houdini's ghost treats visitors to a slew of twisted illusions.

Several other popular mazes will return this year as well, along with The Witch's Keep, a transformed Calico Mine Ride.  Another item of big news is that Elvira will return for this year's Haunt, hosting a show named Elvira's Sinema Seance.  Elvira has performed at many Haunts in the past, but it has been at least a decade since she last headlined there.

For more details on all the changes, check out this story from the L.A. Times and also MiceChat.