Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lake Compounce Enjoying New Space with Bayou Bay Wave Pool

Here's one attraction that we haven't followed up on here at NPN since it opened for the Summer, Lake Compounce's new wave pool named Bayou Bay.  The large addition is located as part of the newly renamed Crocodile Cove water park.  The park's water area recently received a massive amount of new room for expansion when a road was moved, freeing up acres and acres of space for the park to expand into.

Above is a photo shared by the park of the newly completed pool, before vegetation was able to grow in.  The first thing I think of when I look at this, more so than even the wave pool itself, is look at all that free space around it!

Another perspective shared by the park is really telling about just how much room the water park can be expanded into.  If you look at the larger photo you can see the former end of the water park on the left, followed by last year's addition - mat racing slides named Riptide Racer.  Then further along is the new wave pool and beyond that and bordering the lake is just tons of free space.

Like most parks that have both rides and water attractions, the draw of the water park is just huge in the Summer, and I'm sure we will see plenty of continued expansion in that direction in coming years.  I think a water coaster would do just great in some of that open area!