Sunday, July 28, 2013

From The Vault: Sesame Place 1999 Brochure

Sesame Place is an adorable little theme park, located outside of Philadelphia, where families can take a trip into the world of the whole Sesame Place crew.

This brightly colored brochure is from 1999, right around when the park started to see some expansion.  It is a part of the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment family, which includes other large theme parks like Busch Gardens.

Sesame Place has a lot of water slides and rides, all aimed at being perfect for smaller kids.  You won't find any extreme, trap door dropping, super speed sliding attractions at the park.  What you will find is a selection of slides and water play areas for families that have appropriate Sesame Place theming.   The park has also for a long time had a bunch of hands-on play activities and shows as well.  And you can't forget the real life recreation of the actual Sesame Street!

While this brochure is from 1999, the previous season saw the addition of a pretty big ride, and that's still being advertised heavily here.  Vapor Trail is a Vekoma family roller coaster that is neither very tall or very fast, but provides a smooth ride that's great for training future coaster fans.  Super Grover is the ride's host, and he takes passengers on a voyage into outer space as they zoom over the edge of the park's boundaries.

Since the time when this brochure was created Sesame Place has added several more rides that have balanced out the dry/water attraction balance.  Elmo's World alone features several rides that let guests take a spin on some of the lovable character's most imaginative creations.  The park also added a nicely themed carousel that has plenty of custom characters for visitors to ride on.  These additions do not mean that no new water rides were added, though, as we saw with the Count's Splash Castle - a huge water play structure that Sabrina and I checked out a few years back.

The park also debuted a new Christmas celebration last year, creating an even longer season for the park.  Hopefully more additions are on the way in the future!