Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gold Striker Too Loud + A New Tunnel

© California's Great America
Gold Striker has been thrilling riders for weeks now at California's Great America... but apparently the ride was thrilling them a bit too much and making a bit of extra noise.  The park had noise levels that were to be followed with the new wooden coaster, but screaming riders pushed above that envelope to the dismay of nearby buildings.  Well actually the park was monitoring the ride's noise levels and decided on their own to take measures.

An amusement park and an office complex are not a match made in heaven to begin with, but all is well because the park had a quick fix for the issue:  build another tunnel!  The new tunnel went in on the turn closest to the office buildings, shielding them from some sound.  For riders, that means another unique experience on this twisted Great Coasters International design.

It sounds like a case of turning lemons into lemonade, and now a new ride that already has fantastic reviews under its belt is even more improved!