Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Official: Texas SkyScreamer the Tallest in the World

© Six Flags Over Texas
With both Six Flags Over Texas and Grona Lund (Stockholm, Sweden) opening some really big StarFlyer attractions in 2013, there was a bit of debate over which is the tallest.  Six Flags Over Texas' SkyScreamer has now been decreed as officially the tallest, with Guinness World Records verifying the record.

This article mentions that the Texas SkyScreamer stands 402 feet and 10 inches tall, making it 19 feet taller than Prater Turm in Austria.  However, the story makes no mention of Eclipse at Grona Lund, which is also advertised as being 400 feet tall.  I can't saw whether that means that the extra two feet and ten inches makes the Texas SkyScreamer the winner, or if Eclipse wasn't considered?

Either way most generally accept Guinness World Records for their word, so I'm going to feel satisfied that the Texas SkyScreamer is the tallest swing ride in the world.  At least for now, who knows when a taller one will be built?  If you missed it previously, here is a link to Scott & Carol's coverage of the opening of the ride.