Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guests Enjoying the New Aqua Twist at La Ronde

© La Ronde
I totally missed the grand opening of La Ronde's new attraction, Aqua Twist, which took place all the way back at the start of June.  The new attraction allows guests to blast each other with water on a tea cup style attraction.

Aqua Twist is a Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash, one of the companies newer ride designs.  The ride has nine separate boats, each of which seats six passengers for a total capacity of 54 per cycle.  Each seat is equipped with a water blaster so that as the ride spins everyone can try to soak the other riders.  The main floor of the turntables lowers when the ride starts so that each boat has a floating sensation as well.

Aqua Twist does not feature any elaborate theming, but still is an attractive looking attraction.  I have to wonder if the attraction was a bit of a test for the Six Flags parks when it was installed at La Ronde, and perhaps we could see more of these in the future, maybe even themed more heavily.  The ability to add water blasters to the outside of the ride, making for more interaction with park guests, makes for even more fun possibilities.

You can see a brief clip of the Aqua Twist from when it opened at this link.