Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Could This Be the Year for Flying Turns?

Well, the jury is still officially out, but Knoebels has been making some major progress on the unique coaster which is making the opening of Flying Turns more realistic than ever before.

A full seven seasons in the making - perhaps the longest construction period ever for a coaster - Flying Turns is now testing a new set of trains that are performing well, quite well according to the park.

Those latest trains that were designed are now running regularly on Flying Turns even during the park's operating hours, something they previously avoided.  That gives many fans of the park hope that they will get to one day board the wooden bobsled coaster and experience a ride unique to today's world.

Most of the ride's delay is not structural at all, in reality construction ended years ago and just work on the trains has continued on.  The blend of meeting modern safety standards while still preserving the bobsled feel of the coaster has presented the problems.

This news story, just recently published, talks about the progress being made on Flying Turns in detail.  Even better - there are photos and video of the new trains running the course.  While a 2013 opening is possible, the park is hoping that if they do not make that the coaster could open in 2014.  Just tell me when and I'll get in line!