Monday, July 15, 2013

'New' Miracle Strip Lining Up Vintage Rides for 2014

Miracle Strip at Pier Park is moving ahead full steam on their plan to move and open a much larger amusement park in 2014.   If you are not familiar with the park's plans, check out this story we did back in February explaining the relocation.

The next generation of Miracle Strip will feature a host of new "old" rides, as the park takes great pride in obtaining classic attractions and renovating them with a lot of TLC.  Above is a photo the park shared of a Galaxy coaster that they just purchased.  They also announced that they obtained a Chance Chaos ride, something that was once very popular at amusements parks across the globe.

But wait, there's more!  Above is another classic ride they snatched up, I'm not sure exactly what this one is so if anyone knows by all means fill me in!  They also mentioned a Loop-o-Plane - yes that crazy spinning flat ride you've seen around - and a nice set of bumper cars as other recent acquisitions.

Miracle Strip is still planning on renovating and rebuilding the famous Starliner wooden roller coaster, even showing off a shot of the train in storage.  They're working on the funds for that large project, and we continue to wish them the best of luck!  I'm looking forward to watching construction of this new park, filled with classic amusements, take place.


kevin said...

first off, i read the page daily. love it!
the ride in question is a Rock-O-Plane.
they were manufactured by Lee Eyerly (i believe he was in the aviation business before rides) in the 60's. they are gas powered and were made trailer mounted or ground mounted.

i used to work for a ride company here in cincinnati that has a trailer mounted version. it is one of three i know of in the area very fun ride!
there is also another traveling version with another carnival company and a ground mount at coney island here in cincinnati.

eyerly also manufactured the aforementioned Loop-o-plane as well as the Roll-o-Plane. all were very popular traveling attractions!


jmerritt said...

That's an Eyerly Rock-O-Plane

NewsPlusNotes said...

Thanks very much for both your comments!