Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Six Flags to Unveil 2014 Additions on August 29th

Good news, just like for the past couple years all of the Six Flags parks will reveal their 2014 additions in one big event, this year on August 29th.  That means in just six weeks we will all find out what new rides and attractions will be coming to our local parks - something to look forward to!

Six Flags Great Adventure confirmed the announcement date in their August news update: "Six Flags Great Adventure and its sister parks throughout North America will announce exciting plans for the 2014 season.  Great Adventure will release details about a record-breaking addition that will surely top “must-do” lists next year."

There have been rumors of a drop tower being added to the side of Kingda Ka at Great Adventure, and that certainly would be "record-breaking" and without a doubt head to the top of my "must-do" list if it happens!

One rumor that also appears to be gaining more and more strength is the total renovation of Six Flags Mexico's Medusa wooden coaster.  It has been said that the ride is next in line to receive the Rocky Mountain treatment, and the park has started to hint that the ride is going away.  They posted "¿Sabías que Medusa ha tenido a más de 9 millones de pasajeros a lo largo de sus 13 años en Six Flags México? Este Verano dile ‪#‎AdiósMedusa‬ ¡te esperamos!" on their Facebook, which translates into "
Did you know that Medusa has had more than 9 million passengers during his 13 years at Six Flags Mexico? This Summer tell # AdiósMedusa you expect!"

Not sure about that last part of the translation, I'm sure something got lost in there.  But using the hashtag ByeMedusa seems pretty clear to me!

Lots to look forward to!