Friday, July 12, 2013

Aerial Antics: Silver Dollar City

For a long time I've wanted to be able to feature Silver Dollar City on Aerial Antics, but its location did not make it a prime candidate for neat Bird's Eye or 45 Degree views.  Finally!  That has changed.

Bing has updated their aerial images to include Bird's Eye views of the theme park, just with no Outlaw Run added.  Here we see the entrance to the park, with the main ticket/locker/restroom building on the right and the large gift shop exit on the left.

Here's a nice view of the park's Arrow mine train, ThuNderaTion.  The ride sits on a gigantic hill, which is a bit hard to tell from this photo.  The train starts its decent right out of the station, including that enormous helix that ends underground.  A large lift hill toward the end of the ride gets the trains back up to the top.

This is the Grand Exposition, a two acre area that is filled with flat rides that are perfect for all members of the family.  There's also a small roller coaster in the area, seen adjacent to the large building near the top.

A unique ride to say the least, this is Powder Keg.  It started its life as a water ride that featured a coaster section, and was eventually transformed into a launched coaster.  If you look close you can see a train on the launch track just about ready to go!

This is Wilsons Farm, which features the S&S created Giant Swing.  At the time the photo was taken the area was a dead end, but now just past the two small kiddie tower rides is the entrance to Outlaw Run's plaza.

Also, the large building that can be partially seen in the bottom left corner is part of Fire in the Hole, the park's unique dark ride/coaster combo.

Silver Dollar City's B&M, Wildfire, is seen here - also perched on a hillside.  One of a few traditional 'sit down' coasters the company has created, it features a large first drop followed by five inversions.  Much of the ride is hard to see from inside the park, so it is pretty neat to see the ride's layout from above.

As for this year's mega-attraction, Outlaw Run, Google's maps actually do feature the coaster, just not in 45 degree images.  Above you can see how the ride was added just above the Wilsons Farm area, stretching out into the woods.

For a link to Bing's aerials, click here, and for Google's use this link.