Thursday, July 18, 2013

WhiteWater Builds New Fusion Waterslide in Japan

© WhiteWater
How cool does this new slide tower look?  The "fusion" waterslide, called such because it blends two of the company's products into one attraction, has opened at Nagashima Resort in Japan.  The park is home to the massive Steel Dragon 2000 - complete with new trains from B&M - which can be seen in the background of the image.

But back to the waterslide.  Designed by WhiteWater, the attraction fuses together one of their thrilling Family Boomerango slides with one of their new Manta slides and then doubles the entire attraction!  Using a mirror image duplicate, both slides start from the same launch platform but interact with each other the entire way down.

© WhiteWater
As described by WhiteWater, "the journey begins with the classic sensation of rafting, leading into a screaming, velocity-building drop that launches riders up the famous Boomerango wall, making them feel like they are “going vertical” then weightless all the while getting a bird’s eye view of what is coming next.  They fall back and barely have time to catch their breath while racing warp speed across a flat section propelling them right into the rushing waters of the Manta where maximum oscillations and a plunge to the finish will leave them breathless and eager to ride again and again."

For more photos of the new slide, along with some point of view video, check out this page from WhiteWater.  Add this one to the list of waterslides I'd like to see in our neck of the woods, indeed.