Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Rewind 12.2.12

A new way to spend time on your phone!  SeaWorld has launched their first mobile game, Turtle Trek.  The free game has players "guide an adventuresome sea turtle on a quest across the beach and into the water to find friends," and I must admit looks rather cute.  Look for it in your favorite app store.

Arnolds Park is giving their classic Legend roller coaster some love.  As a result of a survey done by GCI, the park is replacing 575 feet of track and adding several new concrete footings on the coaster.  The project will cost $250,000 to complete.

While the devastation felt in Coney Island as a result of hurricane Sandy is quite serious, there are a few bright spots in the story of recovery and rebuilding.  This article details some of those, and one that has my interest is the plans for Spook-a-Rama to be back better than ever, complete with new props.

The official numbers have not yet been released, but reports are coming out that Hong Kong Disneyland will see 2012 as its first year of profitability.  Under performing since it opened, the park has seen two expansions open in the past year, which has probably led to the improved results.

The terms of the sale may not have been announced by Cedar Fair and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, but the price of Soak City San Diego was a cool $15 million.  Just checked the Cedar Fair 2000 annual report, and it was originally purchased for $11.6 million.  Not bad!

Six Flags New England has been given formal approval to build their 2013 attraction, called the Bonzai Pipelines.  The new slide tower, featuring six different slides, will be built in a space currently used as employee parking - expanding the overall size of the water park.

Mt. Olympus is wasting no time at all on turning Hades into Hades 360!  The park has already removed the former turnaround section, and currently has new structure in place for some of the new elements.  A full inversion and highly banked turn will be installed for 2013.

Proslide's success as one of the water park supplier industry leaders continues, with strong sales growing over seas.  The company is also still planning their own water park, Alottawata, and it seems that the plan will move forward soon.  They've been talking about it for several years now.

If you want even more photos of the recently topped off GateKeeper at Cedar Point, Pointbuzz has a extensive gallery of shots taken on site.  I must say, the ride looks really great standing along the beach, they have indeed opened up that area nicely.