Sunday, December 23, 2012

From The Vault: Worlds of Fun 1996 Park Map

In 1996 Worlds of Fun had this cute little park map that folded up rather tiny, though not as tiny as La Ronde for those of you who've been there, but still small enough to fit in a normal pocket.  The map was most definitely pre-Cedar Fair - even though the park owned it at this point - in both size and style.  

The backside of the map, above, contains some light reading while in the park, such as Health Tips (don't run), Eateries (feed up at the Vittle Griddle), and Live Entertainment (Stax of Wax is a perennial favorite).  Another hint at the non-Cedar Fair style?  The q-tips that represent the park tips section.  Kinda gross?  I had to flip around most of the panels to make it readable without being able to rotate your head... well I guess rotating the image is easier.

But all that is just a prelude to the good stuff, the actual map on the backside.  A lot has changed in the past sixteen or so seasons, and I won't pick out every change - you guys can hunt for those on your own.  The Zambezi Zinger is still standing proud, however, but not for long.  And if we all knew that the removal of The Plunge could eventually lead to a stellar GCI wooden coaster, who wouldn't have gone and helped tear it down themselves!

You have to love the amount of detail that is layered into the map, even if that means that all the park guests have awkward bug-eyes.  It fees squished, but for the handy size of the publication I suppose that was the cost.  This map is part of a much larger press kit from the park's 1996 season, perhaps we should check that out here in the Vault in the future?


Ron Toomer Fan said...

I really enjoyed this! Notice that Detonator is shown with the orignially-planned three towers instead of just two.