Monday, December 17, 2012

Flying Scooters Headed to Michigan's Adventure

The Flying Scooters at Knoebels
Michigan's Adventure made a pleasant announcement today regarding their new for 2013 ride, which will be a Larson Flying Scooters flat ride.  Highly regarded among ride fans, the Flying Scooters allows riders to control their ride vehicle using a large wing, and with enough practice guests can create a rather wild ride.

The official name for the ride has not been announced yet, nor has the location in the park where it will be located.
Michigan's Adventure will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Wolverine Wildcat roller coaster, and the 15th anniversary of the mighty Shivering Timbers in 2013.

It is nice to see the Flying Scooters popping up at more parks lately, this is one of several already announced for next year.  The Great Escape, Knott's Berry Farm, and I believe Fun Spot will build them as well in 2013.

Even more interesting to me is how late this announcement came after Cedar Fair's 'big' rides were revealed.  I had heard that Mr. Ouimet was taking a hard look at some of the plans for parks, and making some changes.  Perhaps this announcement is the result of one of those careful evaluations.  Or perhaps not, but it's a nice addition for the park either way!