Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventure Mountain Leaving Dollywood for 2014 Project

Dollywood dropped a bit of a bomb yesterday when they announced that the park's massive ropes course structure, known as Adventure Mountain, will be closing at the end of 2012.  Screamscape first broke the news, posting some comments directly from the popular theme park.  Adventure Mountain will be the site of construction for a yet unnamed 2014 project during the park's 2013 season.

The new 2014 addition is only described as "one of a kind" and "nothing like you've seen before," which ironically pretty much sums up Adventure Mountain as well.  The interactive course was just opened in 2010, making the attraction have three short years at the park.  It sits on two acres of the hillside, and has three different paths, ranging in difficulty.  It was also rather beautifully themed, which made it right at home in Dollywood.

I can only imagine what the park has planned for the spot, which takes up a decent sized part of the Wilderness Pass area.  If it is worth removing a newer attraction like Adventure Mountain, I'm sure it's going to be good!

The park also revealed that they are retiring their simulator attraction in favor of adding a new 500 seat theater, which will premier a new family Dolly show next season.