Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scott And Carol Present - A Peek At The New Fanstasyland Pt 2

The sign leads the way to the New Fantasyland's most interactive experience, the Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Something as yet unexperienced at any other theme park, here the guests are a major part of the show.

Located in Maurice's Cottage, the Enchanted Tales with Belle retell the tale of when Belle met the Beast in the castle's library. This innovative experience combines a small group setting of guests who act out the parts of the "play," and then they participate in a quick meet and greet with Belle following the conclusion of the show.

A Disney cast member with help from The Wardrobe selects the cast from the group of guests for each telling of the "Tale as old as time." Guests are treated to flowery descriptions of their individual parts as Cast members pass out the "costumes," and there are lots of extra silverware pieces to make sure that anyone interested can have a part in the experience.

As we move into the Library we are greeted by Lumiere, the kind-hearted but rebellious maitre d' of the Beast's castle, who has been transformed into a candelabra. He explains how everyone must keep quiet, so as to surprise Belle, when he calls her into the library. The cast members, along with the narrator, keep the scene lively and moving along.

The experience ends with Belle meeting the Beast, a guest, in front of the fireplace. At the conclusion of the show, all the participants get their own photo taken with Belle, and the pictures are available for purchase outside the exit. Very innovative, hopefully there will be room for expansion of this attraction as this is sure to be a runaway hit for the new Fantasyland.


NewsPlusNotes said...

I really like the concept for this attraction, thanks for the look at it guys!

While the mine train is going to be neat, seeing how well Belle turned out I have to wonder what we're missing with the axing of the other elaborate meet and greets. The Cinderella one especially!